AGWM International Ministries

Builders International was founded on the two-fold vision of building Bible schools in every nation of the world and lifting up the arms of the missionaries on the field to assist them with construction projects.

Global AIDS Partnership, a specialty team of the International Ministries of Assemblies of God World Missions, functions as a resource and response team for all regions of the world that request assistance with HIV/AIDS initiatives. The team promotes best practice by assisting in consultation with nationals and missionaries in assessment, program design, implementation and evaluation of HIV/AIDS interventions. The team searches for and produces tools that best meet the requests of the regions. Select members of the team provide medical, technical and health expertise when requested.

Global Initiative’s mandate is to equip the Church to reach Muslims and to mobilize church planting teams among Muslim peoples. AGWM’s scope of ministry to Muslims was enlarged in 2009 and a name change ensued. The ministry that began in 1982 continues to enlist believers as intercessors, encourages an understanding of Islam, equips Christians to provide a culturally sensitive witness and effectively trains people to disciple Muslim-background believers.

Global Teen Challenge facilitates the opening of new Teen Challenge centers around the world. The ministry also assists existing centers with administrative needs, including training and curriculum for national leaders and workers.

Through its worldwide network of offices and institutions, Global University provides Pentecostal fellowships with a seamless system that enables anyone, anywhere, at any time, to access evangelism and discipleship materials, ministerial training, and academic programs that lead to B.A. and M.A. degrees.

Working around the world to bring hope to Jewish people, the "children of Jacob," by bringing them humanitarian and medical aid, and sharing the good news of Messiah.

Life Publishers is the foreign language publisher for Assemblies of God World Missions. Missionaries working with the ministry assist other missionaries and national churches with publishing needs. Materials in various languages include: Radiant Life curriculum, Optional Christian Education curriculum, Enrichment magazine, textbooks, devotional books, tracts and the FIRE Bible, formerly the Full Life Study Bible. Bible Alliance is a strategic team of ministers, churches and lay people that work together to publish the FIRE Bible.

Network211 is an Internet ministry using 21st century technology to communicate the 1st century gospel. The ministry also provides content for local church web ministries worldwide.

The Oral Learners Initiative has a thirty year history of reaching out to oral learners around the world using various innovative means to spread the Gospel and make disciples.

Royal Rangers International empowers missionaries and national church leaders to strengthen and expand Royal Rangers in each region of the world. The "Global Curriculum and Training Guide," a starter curriculum, is provided in electronic form, enabling each nation to adapt the materials to their culture and needs. Promotional, training and consultative services also are available.